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{Recommendation: Dr. Babak Eghbalieh is the best gastric surgeon out there. His talents, wisdom, skills and abilities are divinely inspired. (a gift from God Himself). Dr. Babak Eghbalieh not only has all of the above, but his attitude, personality, bedside manner and ability to explain the diagnoses, procedures in ways that his patients can clearly understand is amazing. He is very detailed and clearly understands and has compassion for his patients. He is honest and has a way of disarming and comforting his patients. His staff is also very professional, compassionate and understanding.I would recommend and urge anybody with gastric difficulties like mine to see him right away. I have had many other referrals and was told that my condition was inoperable and could only be treated with diet and medication. If anybody tells you this, do not believe it. See Dr. Babak Eghbalieh first. (more…)
Lylliam N.
Submitted 04/30/22
{I was diagnosed with cancer on my pancreas and scheduled for Whipple with another surgeon. I was asked to do a second opinion consult with Dr Bobby by my primary medical team. At the time I was not happy about the second opinion. Agreeing to 2nd opinion turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in this journey. I walked out of the consult with such peace and knew moving forward with surgery with Dr. Bobby was the right decision. Dr. Bobby cares for his patients and you feel it on the first visit. I’ve also had to see Dr. Samy and am just so impressed. The bed side manner is just superb! The office staff are all so very kind and caring as well! I would 1000% recommend Dr. Bobby, Dr. Samy and their office!
Rebecca H.
Submitted 11/04/21
{My experience with Dr. Eghbalieh has been pleasant from the get go. I was very nervous about the procedure I had to have. Everything went smooth as he assured me it would go. He made sure I was well informed of the outcome after my surgery (splenectomy/partial pancreatectomy). I am in his care for life and wouldn't want anyone else. Thank you Dr. !
Elizabeth D.
Submitted 02/04/21
{Dr. Babak Eghbalieh saved my life. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in early June, 2020, at which point I was referred to Dr. Eghbalieh. He met me in the hospital as I was recovering from the biopsy and said that he would move fast to assess the situation and develop an aggressive plan of attack. He performed the Whipple procedure on July 6th with outstanding results. In parallel with the surgery he put me on supplements and vitamins to bolster my immune system in preparation for chemo / radiation treatments and enzymes to enhance my ability to absorb nutrients post-surgery. Both of which worked as he predicted, the compromise to my immune system was dampened during the chemo treatments and the enzymes allowed me to absorb more nutrients resulting in weight gain post-surgery. Dr. Eghbalieh is an outstanding surgeon and incredibly knowledgeable of his areas of specialty. He is a very personal guy which makes interacting with him enjoyable. He goes out of his way to ensure that he walks you through all facets of your treatment and spends the time to address questions / concerns. He is available 24/7 and encourages you to call him with any issues. I couldn’t be luckier to have him as a doctor and highly recommend him.
Mark T.
Submitted 11/20/20
{Dr. Navid Eghbalieh is one of the best doctors I have ever come across. Thank you so much for everything Dr. Navid. Thank you for curing my cancer!
Gina C.
Submitted 11/02/20
{Hi my name is Drew I would like to say that Dr Sammy saved my life two times I have an infection in my left leg went to the hospital they gave me antibiotics by IV in the emergency room but when they move me up to my room they start giving me pills antibiotic I started hallucinating and seeing all kinds of weird things on the walls I was out of it for a few days. I came to my senses and grab my phone and called Dr Sammy‘s office I told the Lady that answered the phone I really needed to talk to him it was very important. Thank God that he was there he got on the phone and talk to me I ask him why I haven’t seen him he told me that he was not contracted at that hospital anymore but he will come and see me. I went back to my hallucinating and out of it until I felt my blanket being moved off of me and looking up and seeing Dr Sammy‘s face. He went straight to the computer and told the nurses to get anabiotic IV right away. He said that infection went septic and the infection was going through my bloodstream. Without Dr Sammy going out of his way and caring for me I would not be here today!!! So I would like to say Dr Sammy really truly cares for his patients and goes out of his way to take care of them !!!
Drew F.
Submitted 10/31/20
{Dr. Navid Eghbalieh is one of the best doctors I have ever come across. He was very pleasant and thorough. He made me feel safe. I feel so blessed to have been referred to see him. Thank you for curing my cancer!
Richard P.
Submitted 08/28/20
{On May 23rd I was involved in a near fatal car accident that caused an Aortic Dissection. Three other Doctors said there was nothing they can do for me. Then Doctor Sammy Eghbalieh came in the picture and was able to place a Stent Graft. So many things could have gone wrong but the Dr. made me feel like I can trust him he is such a caring individual. I was truly blessed to meet him in my lowest moments he made me feel secure and assured me he would do it to the best of his ability. Even when I went through more procedures for a leg injury he went out of his way to check on me even after his job was done! After a successful procedure I had so many doubts and questions. On my follow up he answered all the questions and addressed all the concerns before I can even address them myself. He gave me the reassurance that I will be able to return to a normal life. I got nothing but praise for this man!
Javier G.
Submitted 06/17/20
{Dr. Eghbalieh (Babak) is an exemplary surgeon. Great at explaining medical issues, invested in the most successful outcome and his compassion to his patients is sincere. He’s confident in the outcome of his surgery recommendation and I never doubted his approach. Putting all this aside he’s also a great person!
Jerry M.
Submitted 06/14/20
{I have nothing but praise for Dr. Sammy Eghbalieh and his very competent staff. He removed a large hematoma from my leg, and provided excellent care in the following weeks of recovery. He is a caring and conscientious doctor who is concerned about the healing and well-being of his patients. I was extremely pleased with the care and treatment that I received during my recovery and would highly recommend Dr. Eghbalieh to anyone.
Gerald B.
Submitted 02/03/20
{I can only offer superlatives for the excellent care and treatment that was given to me by Dr. Sammy Eghbalieh and his very competent staff. He removed a very large hematoma from my leg, and with subsequent
Jerry B.
Submitted 02/03/20
{Busy office, but wonderful staff & Dr. Eghbalieh is one of the best surgeons for making you feel comfortable & at ease. He is exceptional for answering questions, attentive to all aspects of medical care from pre-op to surgery to after care. Would highly recommend! Excellent!!!
Nina S.
Submitted 01/17/20
{My experience with Dr. Eghbalieh was superb. He is the combination of a brilliant mind, a compassionate soul and a loving, kind heart. I was very ill, in a lot of pain and not able to eat or get out of bed, and now I am healing and feeling so much better. My first contact was with his office staff. The receptionist Scarlett was very friendly and professional. I was then able to speak to LaDawn, his office manager. What a wonderful person! She spent a very ample amount of time with me on our initial conversation, helping me to understand what Dr. Eghbalieh does. LaDawn is such a great asset to his staff. She followed up on all that I asked for. She was patient and very informative. My initial consult with Dr. Eghbalieh was very good. (more…)
Denise E.
Submitted 12/23/19
{Dr. "Bobby" performed robotic Heller Myotomy to solve my swallowing problem (after 4 years of suffering). I have had no pain from the time I woke up after surgery until today (2 weeks later). He told me exactly what to expect, including illustrations, and I was relaxed and ready the day of the surgery. I'm still in recovery and he is still following up. Great job, Dr. Bobby. I haven't felt this good in years.
Lela H.
Submitted 11/28/19
{I have never been so happy with my surgery by Dr. Sammy Eghbalieh. The first surgeon did a botched up job and Dr. Eghbalieh came to the rescue. He removed the botched up job and I have never been so happy with his procedure. I would recomend him 100%. Wonderful job and really cares about his patients. Would recommend him to anyone. He lets you know exactly what he is doing. Love coming and seeing him.
Carol G.
Submitted 08/07/19
{I have suffered with digestive problems for nine years and with three Gi's and a Primary doctor none of them were able to help me. With so many testings that were done, they had no clue, and all they did was prescribe antacids! But God Almighty who truly loves and cares for us, gave me Dr. Bobby Eghbalieh ! One consultation and he expertly knew what was wrong with me. With just two tests followed with surgery, I got my life back! Your expertise and genuine care made a big difference. My recovery has been excellent, feeling so good and grateful everyday! My family and I thank you Dr. E ! You are truly a blessing. God continue to bless you and guide as you help many more patients. <3
Clarissa F.
Submitted 06/26/19
{Have a Porta-cath in my right chest. Have had multiple blood clots do to improper installation by a different surgeon. When I had the third blood clot removed, Dr. S. Eghbalieh replaced the original Porta a-Cath with a new one. It's been 2 weeks and i have healed well and the Porta-Cath works great. Dr. S. Eghbalieh has a great team and has a great bed side manner. I am glad I have him as my surgeon.
Martina W.
Submitted 06/12/19
{Dr. Eghbalieh is a miracle worker, I had to have a vein replacement or lose the leg and he was able to save my leg with a very tricky surgery .Dr. Sammy has skills that can be only helped by God working through him. He gave me back my life.
Charles W.
Submitted 06/12/19
{Dr. Eghbalieh is an amazing doctor. I had been suffering from a pancreatic condition for several years. I went to several Hospitals and medical specialist in the Central Valley and in Southern California. I was not able to get a diagnosis for my condition and felt that my only option was to continue to live in pain. I was told that my only option was to manage my pain with pain medication. A friend told me that she knew a former patient of Dr. Eghbalieh’s who had pancreatitis. Dr. Eghbalieh cured her and she was now living pain free. I made a consultation and drove to Los Angeles in search of a cure. Dr. Eghbalieh immediately diagnosed my condition and prepared a medical plan to cure me. Dr. Eghbalieh treated me like a person and not just a patient. He was concerned about the pain that I had been living with for the past two years and quickly scheduled a surgery. During my surgery Dr. Eghbalieh also found a cancerous tumor and removed it. I owe my life to this wonderful doctor. I would recommend Dr. Eghbalieh to anyone who has pancreatitis. I live in the Fresno area and the drive to Los Angeles to get quality treatment was worth it
Stacy A.
Submitted 06/03/19
{Ohh Man did Dr. Eghbalieh change my life for the better!!!! I was barely able to stand...20 seconds I would be in massive pain. Seen 10 doctors none could tell me what was wrong with my legs...Took 10 seconds literally for Dr. Eghbalieh to diagnosis and prepare me for healing...10 seconds no pills, no drugs, no nothing other than accurately diagnosing my vein problems in yes, 10 seconds. I am a new man! Before I could only stand for 20 seconds without incredible life draining pain. Nearly days after following the Doctors medical instructions, I walked my dogs around the block 2x for over an hour and continue to do so now. Yesterday, I walked my dogs around the block for 40 minutes, no pain. Before my first visit to Dr. Eghbalieh, I could not stand for more than 20 seconds. My life is on track for recovery and my face is smiling everyday without the incredible pain I had been dealing with for years...My strength, my body, my mentality, my happiness, my quality of life have all been given back to me! Without seeing Dr. Eghbalieh, my doctors would still be telling me they didn't know what was wrong with me making me go crazy...Now, no more! Back on track with life! Literally a 360 degree return back to life! Trust me, if you are having vein or leg pain, or bruising, or swollen ankles or legs like I have, see Dr.Eghbalieh immediately! He will change you life!
Andrew R.
Submitted 05/31/19
{It's very rare that I leave a review for anyone but Dr. Eghbalieh is exceptional in his craft. He is not only a great medical doctor but he has a genuine concern for humanity and cares for individuals on a personal basis. My mother has been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer, which later spread to her liver .I'm happy to say she is in recovery and grateful that Dr. Eghbalieh came into our lives . His professionalism as a medical doctor is exceptional but his genuine concern and care that he extended to our family is beyond what is required and is so appreciated I actually believe that his compassion has lifted my mothers spirits and healed her in ways medicine couldn't We have seen countless doctors in every field of medicine along this journey I attribute all of her progress to Dr. Eghbalieh. They say love heals all and Dr. Navid Eghbalieh has proven that to be true in my experience along this journey. Theres not enough words to describe my gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Sandy O.
Submitted 05/21/19
{If I would have never met Dr Eghbalieh, I would have had my foot amputated. He did not give up on me. He sent me for testing, and had me placed in a Hyperbaric Chamber. After being in a wheelchair for 8 months, I was constantly told I needed amputation. But look at me now no amputation and I am able to walk. That's why I highly recommend and trust Dr. Eghbalieh and am proof he will give you the best treatment. Thanks to him my life is back to normal and I'm able to work.
Maria Isabel A A.
Submitted 05/03/19
{Dr. Babak Eghbalieh is the BEST among the best! He is truly a blessing.
Sergio P.
Submitted 05/02/19
{I have had many visits with Dr. Eghbalieh in Fresno, CA. When he was given my case I was a complete mess. He took his time, research and over a few years made many repairs, that were much needed. I was very sad to hear that he left Fresno when I went back into the office. My case was not an ordinary one. He is an amazing Doctor and anyone that comes to him, is in the best hands possible.
Mary Ann J.
Submitted 04/08/19
{I am writing this testimonial with great pleasure on how Dr. Eghbalieh and the Porter House Medical clinic has been such a blessing to me and my family. When I searched for Dr. Eghbalieh in Fresno, Ca and found out he moved I tried to use other Dr.'s and medical facilities, I was not treated with the same respect, care, and urgency as with my previous encounter with Dr. E. I was in such pain for so long that I had no desire to live with this excruciating pain any longer. I called my family together to say my goodbyes as I was no longer willing to fight just to stay alive in the pain I was suffering with. Dr. E performed my initial surgery and removed the stomach & pancreas cancer that many thought could not be cured. He gave me hope when no one else did, gave me encouraging news and words that kept my faith and hope going. (more…)
Elizabeth B.
Submitted 02/22/19
{As Good as it gets, Good Honorable Decent, Man,, Smart, Caring, Well managed Staff, Spotless facility, and very sure and confident of himself, in a happy humble way,,, I can’t say enough about Him,, If I were Bill Gates he would be my personal Doctor, Being a Doctor was his calling, Thank You Doctor,,, Rick Hitsman
Rick H.
Submitted 02/06/19
{He is a fantastic Dr great bedside manners and explains everything in a way i understand love him
Judy G.
Submitted 01/09/19
{Dr. Navid Eghbalieh treated my cancer, and now I'm cancer free! He was so thorough with his explanation of the procedure, and meticulous with his hands. I was in and out in the same day, and hardly felt any discomfort. He prevented me from having to have a big surgery, and I will forever be grateful for all that his done. His staff was amazing too!
John M.
Submitted 11/22/18
{I was shot nine times. I was shot in my right arm one of the bullets traveled up my arm up into my chest leaving my right arm somewhat similar to paralyzed the doctors gave me multiple reasons and ideas of what could be done to fix this problem I went into surgery four days later with them removing them bullets and successfully fixing my ride on giving me full mobility on my right arm this place is a blessing thank you for the surgeons and doctors here at holy cross
Matthew L.
Submitted 11/20/18
{I simply can not express how thankful I am to Dr. Sammy Eghbalieh for saving my leg from a horrible gun shot wound that struck my artery. Without him being on duty when I was taken to the ER at Providence Holly Cross in Mission Hills, I am certain that I would have lost a limb just as I was told by the paramedics would probably happen. I honestly feel I was provided with the most superior caliber surgical procedure that is currently available and I have Dr. Eghbalieh to thank for this. (more…)
MIkhail F.
Submitted 11/08/18
{My mother had a stomach aneurysm surgery last Oct. 2018. Dr Sammy is a very professional doctor. He took good care of my mother. He spend time talking to my mother and also explaining what was going on. We are lucky to have Dr. Sammy as my mother's surgeon.
Nelda C.
Submitted 11/07/18
{Where should I started I was very afraid and it was a great experience.Dr. Sammy Eghbalieh was my doctor. He was there for me the whole time. I couldn't ask for a better doctor. He walked me through everything. I feel that he actually looks out for his patient. Thank you again Dr. Eghbalieh
Blanca R.
Submitted 10/19/18
{To say Dr. Eghbalieh is excellent at his job would not be enough. He his admirable, honest, compassionate. A true example of how a Doctor Should treat a patient in such time of despair.His kind smile and wisdom helped me through every step in understanding perfectly without doubt What my path would be. Thanks to DR. Eghbalieh I can now say I am a cancer survivor!
Carmen A.
Submitted 09/21/18
{On May 18th, 2017 I was admitted in to the hospital after suffering pain and bleeding, I was told later on that day after further testing that they found a mass in my rectal region. It was a large tumor found in my lower potion of the rectum, upon many visits from Doctors and surgeons that found my particular case difficult, Dr Bobby Eghbalieh stepped up to the plate and took on my case. He was very thorough and detailed on what needed to be done and best of all a straight shooter, giving me best and worst case scenarios. (more…)
Ruben S.
Submitted 09/18/18
{Dr. Bobby saved my life, I had a major bowel perfiration as was in the emergency once Dr. Bobby came to see me he knew immediately knew what needed to be done and operated on me... That was in November 2017 I have since needed 2 additional surgeries that he has been with me through. I would not have survived without him. The overall care and kindness of the Dr and his entire staff has been incredible. I never thought that something like this could happen to me, but having Chrons disease you never know when an emergency can present itself my last surgery was in May 2018 and I am feeling great due to the care from Dr. Bobby!
Jill F.
Submitted 09/07/18
{I had a great experience with Dr Eghbalieh he is so kind and really knows how to do his job. He made me feel comfortable and knew how to walk me threw my procedure. You can tell he loves what he does and thats very admirable.
Stephanie R.
Submitted 08/31/18
{i love seeing Dr. Eghbalieh. He's amazing always looking out for patients. I feel welcome and enjoy his kind heart. He took care of me thru my surgery progress and was always attentive when i had any questions. His staff is amazing very polite and help with my needs in scheduling appointments. i highly recommend him.
Maria T.
Submitted 08/29/18
{Dr. Babak Eghbalieh performed gall bladder surgery on me and I had very minimal pain afterwards because he does not cut the muscle, but moves it apart to get to the gall bladder. I did not have complications afterwards either. I respect this doctor and highly recommend him!
Dianna B.
Submitted 08/15/18
{I cannot say enough about this wonderful doctor. Dr. Babak Eghbalieh (Dr. Bobby) performed a gallbladder surgery on me a month ago. From our initial meeting he immediately put me at ease, explained everything and reassured me by answering all my questions as many times as needed. The surgery was flawless- he is an amazing surgeon and I barely have any scars. But most importantly he is a caring, doctor who I highly recommend. I cannot thank you enough Dr. Bobby for everything you did for me - so glad I found you!
Joanne B.
Submitted 08/08/18
{I have never encountered a doctor like Dr. Babak Eghbalieh. He is an exceptional physician with the kindest heart and bedside manner you could ever imagine. In May of last year I was diagnosed with gastric cancer and I was horrified when I learned that I needed a gastrectomy. From day one, Dr. Eghbalieh addressed me with utmost care, compassion, and encouragement. During every meeting with Dr. Eghbalieh he made me feel relaxed and confident that my procedure would go well under his care. (more…)
Nancy C.
Submitted 01/26/18
{Dr. Eghbalieh is truly Amazing!!! Highly recommend him. He finally fixed what 3 other doctors did not.
Maria C.
Submitted 12/01/17

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