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Varicose Veins Treatment, Los Angeles

Treatment Options for Varicose Veins

Varicose Vein Surgeon

There are more than three million cases of varicose vein treatments in the United States every year. Varicose veins, sometimes referred to as spider veins, are enlarged, swollen, or twisted veins that usually have a blue or dark purple color.

They are caused by blood flowing in the wrong direction and pooling. Dr. Sammy Eghbalieh and Dr. Andrew Abi-Chaker, vein specialists at the Southern California Multi-Specialty Center, offer the most advanced treatments for spider veins, including injectables. Call to schedule an appointment today.

Varicose Veins Q & A

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Around 23% of adults in the United States have varicose veins. The physicians at SCMSC can treat varicose veins with sclerotherapy, which doesn’t require anesthesia and has minimal side effects.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged, raised, and look twisted, appearing blue or dark purple under the skin. On feet and legs, they often appear as spider veins. They occur when blood flow is not normal. Around 23% of adults in the United States have varicose veins.

Pregnant women commonly get varicose veins, and people who are overweight are at an increased risk of developing a varicose vein problem.

Common symptoms associated with varicose veins include:

  • Aching legs or leg pain
  • Blue veins
  • Swollen ankles
  • Spider veins
  • Pain from venous insufficiency

Varicose veins do not always require vein treatment, but if they cause discomfort or are severe, options are available. Dr. Sammy Eghbalieh at the Southern California Multi-Specialty Center treats patients with varicose veins with sclerotherapy injections.

What is Sclerotherapy as a Treatment Option?

There are two types of sclerotherapy used by vascular surgeons: foam sclerotherapy and standard sclerotherapy. Standard sclerotherapy is used for small veins (a spider vein treatment) and is also used for medium-sized vein treatment.

During the procedure, your doctor injects the affected vein with a solution that scars and closes them. In a few weeks, your varicose veins should fade. If the initial vein treatment procedure doesn’t deliver the results you need, a second vein treatment injection will be made.

For large varicose veins, foam sclerotherapy is used. It injects a foam solution into the veins to close and seal them. Healthy veins then replace the treated veins.

Sclerotherapy doesn’t require anesthesia, has minimal side effects, and is very effective at removing varicose veins and spider veins.

What Can I Expect During Sclerotherapy?

The most common vein treatment for varicose vein issues is sclerotherapy. It is an easy procedure, done in-office at the Southern California Multi-Specialty Center.

Before treatment, your doctor will ask that you refrain from taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, and, depending on your medical history, other medications, for one week before your appointment. You’ll also need to purchase a pair of compression stockings to wear following the varicose vein treatment.

A sclerotherapy vein treatment involves your doctor injecting a solution into your spider veins that scars and closes them. The procedure lasts about 30 minutes. You may experience bruising in the treatment area, but it clears up within a few weeks.

Within a couple of weeks, the varicose vein or spider veins should disappear.

Sclerotherapy has an 80% efficacy rate. Multiple vein treatments may be required to remove varicose veins permanently.

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Dr. Sammy Eghbalieh is the best vascular surgeon in Los Angeles at the Southern California Multi-Specialty Center

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Dr. Sammy Eghbalieh is the best vascular surgeon in Los Angeles at the Southern California Multi-Specialty Center
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