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What is Endovascular Surgery?

The Gold Standard for Vascular Disease Treatment

Drs. Eghbalieh and Abi-Chaker have been performing advanced endovascular surgery in this setting for over 10 years.

Endovascular surgery is the gold standard for vascular disease treatment and is a minimally invasive surgical technique.

Before advances in endovascular surgery, open surgery was your only option for vascular disease treatment. Open surgery involves large incisions, more blood loss, and longer hospital stays. Additionally, some patients do not have the option for open surgery due to cardiac or respiratory risk factors.

During endovascular surgery, a small hole is made in the patient’s wrist or groin and a catheter is inserted. Through that catheter, medical devices and medications are delivered to treat the diseased area. The physician is able to visualize the entire procedure with the use of contrast (thick radiopaque liquid that highlights your arteries) and x-ray. The procedures generally take about an hour, and you do not need to be under general anesthesia. You are able to go home the same day and are able to return to normal activities within the next couple days in most cases.

Our Vascular & Endovascular Surgeons

It's important to remember not all physicians are trained in advanced vascular and endovascular surgery. It’s a good practice to get multiple opinions and do research on the surgery and the physician.

Dr. Sammy Eghbalieh is the best vascular surgeon in Los Angeles at the Southern California Multi-Specialty Center

Sammy Eghbalieh, MD, FACS, DFSVS, RPVI

Dr. Andrew Abi-Chaker is a top vascular surgeon at Southern California Multi-Specialty Center in Los Angeles
Andrew Abi-Chaker, MD

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